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Chugai Technos Vietnam Co., Ltd owns the VIMCERTS 086 certificate issued by MONRE. Based on the environmental survey, measurement, and analysis in Japan over 40 years by the parent company -Chugai Technos Corporation; we will provide reliable data accurately and promptly for harmful substances concentration in exhaust gas to the industrial plant.
Our engineering team will carry out measurement and analysis of emissions: temperature, pressure, velocity, flow rate, moisture content, gas composition, target gas concentration, dust concentration, and data reporting. Data are quickly sent to the plant's operating engineers to confirm the performance of equipment such as boilers, ESP, SCR (De-NOx), FGD(De-SOx), ME, etc. combine with operation engineers to find optimal operating conditions for the equipment. We also provide a continuous exhaust gas monitoring system for checking plant operation status and complying with exhaust gas regulations.

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Performance test for thermal power plant