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Ultra-fast Charging for Urban Mass Transit

Technology / Service Summary

Grid-eMotion® Flash is a viable solution for urban mass transit, making catenaries, large and heavy batteries, range and schedule limitations and greenhouse gas emissions a thing of the past.


Grid-eMotion Flash, our ultrafast charging system helps cities reduce environmental impacts, supporting the acceleration of sustainable mobility deployment.


- Fully automated fast charging stations installed at some bus stops
- Catenary-free operation
- 20-second charging time
- Short-range and cost-optimal onboard batteries
- Battery capacity from 70 to 130 kWh
- Solution for 18 and 24 meters buses
- Zero-emission mass transit solution


- The eMotion systems can save 1,000 tons of CO2 on a bus line covering approx. 600,000 km/year
- The e-bus energy costs are 30% below those of a diesel bus

Controlled Substance

Applicable Regions / Countries

  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Oceania
  • Europe

Related SDGs Goals

  • 7. Affordable and Clean Energy
  • 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Ultra-fast Charging for Urban Mass Transit