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Technology / Service Summary

RePEaT PROCESS is a technology to recycle wasted polyester by depolymerization into DMT monomer, purification and polymerization. It enables to produce r-PET which quality is equivalent to virgin PET.


Enhancing recycling ratio of wasted polyester products and promoting circular economy.


・r-PET production with virgin quality by high performance of impurity removal
・Wide range of feedstock type
・One and only proven technology which has more than 20 years track record with industrial scale


RePEaT PROCESS performs recycling of wasted PET products which have been incinerated currently into virgin-equivalent r-PET. By implementation of the RePEaT PROCESS, it is possible to reduce GHG by approximately 50% compared with the original lifecycle dependent on fossil resources.

Controlled Substance

Applicable Regions / Countries

  • Japan
  • Southeast Asia
  • Central/South Asia
  • China/ East Asia
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Oceania
  • Europe
  • Central/South America
  • ASEAN countries

    Indonesia,Cambodia,Singapore,Thailand,Philippines,Brunei Darussalam,Viet Nam,Malaysia,Myanmar,Lao PDR

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