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LIMEX: Alternate Plastic and Paper Material

Technology / Service Summary

LIMEX provides ecological and economical benefits. LIMEX is an inorganic filler composite material, over 50% of which is made from limestone and inorganic materials and can be used as paper and plastic alternatives. It can contribute to the conservation of limited petroleum resources and contribute to CO2 reduction. The second advantage is that limestone, has less price fluctuations than plastic, so it can be offered at a stable price.


It can be used as plastic alternative products as saving resins derived from fossil oil and paper alternative without trees and much less water. It's also recyclable.


The technical advantages of high filler dispersion and micro particle size allow LIMEX to achieve high filler filling rate with less performance degradation.
The basic patents of LIMEX have been registered in 40 countries including Japan, China, Europe and the United States. LIMEX is registered in the sustainable technology dissemination platform "STePP" by UNIDO.


Limestone can reduce CO2 emissions by about 50 times compared to petroleum-based resins. As replacing expensive resins derived from fossil oil with limestone which is very reasonable, drastic cost reduction would be possible.

Controlled Substance

Applicable Regions / Countries

  • Japan
  • Southeast Asia
  • Central/South Asia
  • China/ East Asia
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Oceania
  • Europe
  • Central/South America
  • ASEAN countries

    Indonesia,Cambodia,Singapore,Thailand,Philippines,Brunei Darussalam,Viet Nam,Malaysia,Myanmar,Lao PDR


TBM has more than 6000 supply records in Japan and has received more than 800 inquires from foreign countries. TBM is expanding market to ASEAN region and others.

Related SDGs Goals

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  • 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • 12. Responsible Consumption and Production
  • 13. Climate Action
  • 14. Life Below Water
  • 15. Life on Land
  • 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal

LIMEX: Alternate Plastic and Paper Material