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Solar Panel Reuse & Recycling Service

Technology / Service Summary

This service is reuse and recycling of used solar panels.


The government and private companies who have difficulty to treat the waste panels which are discharged in your country, or the companies who require to purchase the used solar panels which are used in Japan.


Dismantling the solar panels is difficult, and forcible disassembly may damage the glass, making recycling difficult.
Our ADFL1 equipment can dismantle aluminum frames, junction boxes, and glass/cell sheets into three separate pieces without causing damage.
Glass/cell sheets can be recycled by material without impurities because the hot knife separation method is used for glass/cell sheets.
In addition, we also reuse the used panels in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of the Environment.
In total, we have handled more than 150,000 panels for reuse and recycling.


Solar panels are composed of 70% glass, with aluminum frames and junction boxes making up about 20%, and others will be 10%. If only metals were recycled, most of them would end up in landfills.
By using our service, we can provide 100% recycling and contribute to the reduction of illegal dumping and landfill.

Controlled Substance

Applicable Regions / Countries

  • Japan
  • Southeast Asia
  • Central/South Asia
  • China/ East Asia
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Oceania
  • Europe
  • Central/South America
  • ASEAN countries

    Indonesia,Cambodia,Singapore,Thailand,Philippines,Brunei Darussalam,Viet Nam,Malaysia,Myanmar,Lao PDR


Selling countries for the reuse panels: Japan, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, and others
Recycling: Japan
There is the experience to handle over 150,000 panels for reuse and recycling.

Related SDGs Goals

  • 7. Affordable and Clean Energy
  • 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Solar Panel Reuse & Recycling Service

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Solar Panel Reuse & Recycling Service