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magma rock method

Technology / Service Summary

This is a non-cutting and earthquake-resistant construction method that quickly converts existing pipes and structures that are not earthquake-resistant into earthquake-resistant structures.


Earthquake resistance of joints (circular pipes) between pipes.
If the seismic resistance standards cannot be satisfied, Magma Lock is an earthquake-resistant construction method that maintains watertight performance against horizontal direction generated by level 2 seismic motion and escape due to bending.


(1) The existing pipe joints are made earthquake-resistant and have excellent water stoppage performance.
(2) Excellent durability.
(3) Excellent workability.
④Can be applied under running water
(5) Follow-up surveys are easy.


Earthquake resistance of joints (circular pipes) between pipes.

Controlled Substance

Applicable Regions / Countries

  • Japan


[Magma Rock method mini/NGJ]
Total: 13,967 cases

[Magma Rock Construction Method NGJ]
Total: 7,877 cases

[Magma lock method (for pipes)]
Total: 1,131 cases

[Magma lock method (for manholes)]
Total: 62 cases

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magma rock method