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「HUG1500」 Lifeline item that can power an astonishing 45 people simultaneously High-capacity battery

Technology / Service Summary

The "HUG-1500" is a high power storage battery for anti-disaster use, packed with necessary functions for use in a variety of disaster environments and with any number of people.


The government's Central Disaster Prevention Council has announced that the largest class "Nankai Trough Earthquake" is scientifically expected. In addition, climate change has caused huge typhoons to cause extensive damage in various regions; in 2019, they caused significant damage mainly in Chiba Prefecture.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, an increasing number of companies have formulated business continuity plans (BCPs), and more than 80% of large companies, including those "already formulated" and those "in the process of formulating" BCPs, are taking measures. In comparison, the percentage of medium-sized companies has not reached 50%.

A New Idea for Carrying Electricity Around! Large generators are not mobile and cannot be moved.


With the HUG1500, storage batteries can be distributed to reduce density in shelters.

Due to climate change, typhoons are becoming larger, utility poles are collapsing, and it takes longer to restore power outages. In addition, if a major earthquake occurs, the power outage period may take several months.

Almost everything in the home or office runs on electricity, and the HUG1500 is powered by a small, lithium-ion battery that can run not only smartphones, but also refrigerators and televisions.
Restoration is done by a small, portable solar panel that can be recharged as often as needed.

The power storage capacity of 1500Wh, high power storage for 150 smartphones, AC output/USB output (type-A/type-C), and wireless installation charging, a total of 45 ports, provide a full electricity supply.

In addition, the portable storage battery "HUG-1500" is equipped with continuous recharging by solar panel recharging, tough specifications, and portability to thoroughly consider safety in disasters and emergencies.

One of the most important things in the event of a disaster or emergency is "how much electricity can be used freely," and in times of emergency, the most important thing is to secure reliable power to support our daily lives.

The "HUG-1500" is a high power storage battery for disaster preparedness, packed with necessary functions for use in a variety of situations, regardless of the environment or number of people in the event of a disaster.

The "HUG-1500" is equipped with an LED light that can be switched to three different modes, making it possible to use it as a stable light source during evacuations and other such situations.

The HUG-1500 also comes in a special case.
With handle casters and shoulders for use in any situation.
It can be carried and moved flexibly.

The world's highest number of outputs
With a total of 45 output ports, smartphones are the most common means of information communication during power outages in the modern age! With 36 USB ports, a large number of people can be charged at the same time. It is capable of protecting the lives of a whole school class.

Industry-leading safety performance
High performance" and "safety performance" selected by the government
Designed as a storage battery exclusively for disaster prevention. Storage batteries are a mass of energy. Thoroughly inspected to prevent explosion and spread of fire!
And of course, use them for camping!

Lithium-ion batteries have the risk of ignition and explosion, but they have passed safety tests conducted by TUV, an international testing organization in Germany.
We are very confident in the safety of our products because they have passed the safety test conducted by TUV, an international testing institute in Germany.
The storage battery itself is not subject to the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law (PSE) and does not have PSE. We have independently obtained TUV certification to verify the safety of our storage batteries.

Industry-leading design performance
The design was selected from drafts solicited from all over the world. The main feature of the "design" is that it can be used in offices and homes on a daily basis! Also, it avoids problems such as "I don't know where it is" or "I don't know how to use it" in case of emergency in everyday use, so you can use it without any panic!

Industry's top class maintenance performance
With a discharge rate of approximately 3% per month (depending on the usage environment), maintenance is only required to recharge the battery once every six months.
Maintenance is only required to recharge the battery once every six months.

Industry's top class high output performance
The rated output of HUG1500 is 1500W! This output is enough to operate a submersible pump, so it can be used indoors, of course, but it can also be carried around and used for outdoor work in the event of an earthquake or tsunami.

Industry-leading mobility in times of disaster
Power outages can be caused by earthquakes or typhoons, and cracks in the road can make it difficult to move the HUG1500 on casters. As an emergency power source, it can be used anywhere, horizontally or vertically, on rough roads or inside buildings.


In Japan, the adoption of these batteries is increasing, especially among local governments.
The HUG series of large-capacity storage batteries specialized for disaster prevention has been adopted No. 1 by local governments under the slogan of "Connecting with Everyone, Bringing Electricity to the Community.

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「HUG1500」 Lifeline item that can power an astonishing 45 people simultaneously High-capacity battery

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