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Geo-Steam TechnologyTM

Technology / Service Summary

This technology volatilizes and separates PCBs, dioxins and/or agrichemicals in the soil, and decomposes them in a steam separating system. The treatment from leaching to decomposition of the contaminants is performed in a sealed state.


Detoxifying hazardous substance with thermal desorption method
which is available to volatilize and separate persistent substance such as PCBs, dioxins and/or agrichemicals


a) Available to stable temperature control by thermal desorption method
b) All steps of the treatment are performed in a sealed state, and no condensed contaminants are handled
c) Available to detoxify decomposed steam by passing it through a gas treatment facility
d) Available to treat on-site
e) Certified by Japanese government


a) Available to improve recycle rate with high sorting accuracy by the sort flow depending on buried wastes
b) If a polymer-based modifier is used, not only the sorting accuracy can be improved, but also the dust generated during sorting can be reduced

Controlled Substance

Applicable Regions / Countries

  • Japan
  • Southeast Asia
  • Central/South Asia
  • China/ East Asia
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Oceania
  • Europe
  • Central/South America
  • ASEAN countries

    Indonesia,Cambodia,Singapore,Thailand,Philippines,Brunei Darussalam,Viet Nam,Malaysia,Myanmar,Lao PDR


Has multiple accomplishments in Japan

Related SDGs Goals

  • 3. Good Health and Well-being
  • 6. Clean Water and Sanitation
  • 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • 14. Life Below Water
  • 15. Life on Land

Geo-Steam TechnologyTM