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We recycle waste plastic to produce Fluff Fuels, which provide more eco-friendly, space-saving and affordable options as compared with other types of fossil fuels.
Our main business in Japan is recycling of waste wood and waste plastic. Waste wood coming from packing material, wooden pallet for logistics and demolition site of wooden houses are shredded to pieces, then made into chips. At the same time, waste plastic from plastic container, packing materials and variety of generation source of plastic waste is made into fluff and used as boiler fuel.
Also, we established the plant in the city of Consolacion of Cebu urban area. This project started from investigation to determine potential for project application supported by JICA in 2012.
Then, the project was adopted as “Low carbon innovation technology for developing countries” by Ministry of the Environment through pilot project, and we started recycling operation with commercial plant in 2017. We process plastics and manufacture fluff in there.

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