Japan Platform for Redesign: Sustainable Infrastructure (JPRSI)

JPRSI Online Pavilion

[Vision] COP28 Hitachi Concept Movie

[Vision] Hitachi Group Corporate Video - Hitachi

[Vision] Hitachi Social Innovation is POWERING GOOD - "Concept ver.2"

[Vision] Decarbonisation starts at home - Hitachi

[Vision] Hitachi R&D Concept – Carbon Transformation

[Energy] Hitachi Energy’s vision for a renewable energy future

[Energy] Lumada Inspection Insights: The New Frontier for Utilities - Hitachi

[Energy] Groundbreaking HVDC Interconnection Linking Saudi Arabia and Egypt

[Energy] Vegetation Management Demo

[Energy] Accelerating the Energy Transition

[Mobility] Sustainable Public and Freight Transport Solutions - Hitachi Group

[Mobility] Hitachi From Wind to Wheel | Powering the UK's Net Zero Agenda

[Mobility] Grid-eMotion™ Flash for sustainable mobility in Nantes

[Mobility] Smart Mobility in Genova - Smart Ticketing

[Mobility] Accelerating the Transition to Carbon-free Mobility

[Industry] Introduction of Hitachi Industrial Products, Electrical Systems Division

[Industry] Hitachi is innovating to reduce carbon around the world

[Industry] Accelerating Sustainability Transformation

[Adaptation] Saving People and Cities from Floods

[Adaptation] FloodS - enabling simulate floods on the web

[Adaptation] Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change