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Prior to the founding of Nomura Kohsan Co., Ltd., a mercury mine had existed at the site of where our Itomuka Plant stands today. Owned by Nomura Mining Co., Ltd. (established in May 1939), the mine had flourished as the biggest producer of mercury in the East for over thirty years, and had contributed to the modernization of industries.
However, due to the sudden decrease of demand for mercury, Nomura Mining Co., Ltd. was forced to close.
In 1973, after Nomura Mining was dissolved, Nomura Kohsan took over the technology and site and established the present-day company. With mercury detoxifying and recycling facilities, Nomura Kohsan is the only company in Japan that has specialized in matters pertaining to mercury waste.
With our years of experience in the field of mercury waste, we believe that we will continue to bring useful skills to the table. We would like to provide technological assistance and knowledge to parties of the Minamata Convention on Mercury in the near future.

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Nomura Kohsan Mercury Waste Management