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GIKEN promotes the Construction Revolution to establish new standards of delivery that surpass the current conventional approach. Through consistent adherence to the “Five Construction Principles”, which includes consideration of environmental protection, safety, speed, economy, and aesthetics in the form of a balanced equilateral pentagon, GIKEN works diligently to deliver a balanced approach to projects. The balance is achieved by giving equal weight to the five principles at each stage of a project from conception through planning, design, and construction phases.

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The Press-in Method (What is Press-in?)

Coastal Protection

Tsunami Simulator

GIKEN Company Profile

Fight against natural disasters (Washout)

Fight against natural disasters (Landslide)

Seawall Upgrading Work (GYRO PILER)

Implant Structure (Structural Comparison)

Press-in with Augering (SILENT PIER)

Press-in Procedure (GYRO PILER)