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Company Summary

Shin Nippon Machinery Co.,Ltd.
We produces mainly Steam Turbine and Pumps with after service covered in global wide.

◆Steam Turbine: Track Record: over 77 countries/2,100units
Output Range is up to 100MW and maximum design condition is Inlet steam as 130BarA, x550degC. The excellent performance of our high-efficiency, energy-saving turbines for in-house power generation has won high evaluation and reliability.

◆Process Pump with Driven Turbine: Track Record: over 62 countries/ 26,700 units
Our Process Pump follows API611 and API612 standard. Our products are being used in large numbers by global major oil companies and they are highly trusted.

◆After Service:
We provide solutions with a record of total service with reliability in order to maintain better performance for 30 years or more.
We also offer a free on-site inspection service and maintain the condition of pumps and turbines.

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