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We, Nanatsubaki Co., Ltd., sell UV-C lamp-systems (Z-CURE®). An epoch-making indoor air circulation type sterilizer. The Lamp is world's highest class sterilizing power. OUR germicidal lamp is electrodeless UV-C, 50,000 hours lifetime,almost 5 years life span. much longer life and stronger than LED type and other UV lamps. The powerful indoor air circulation type . UV-C sterilizer using UVC254nm 120W lamp. our Z-CURE® series has a wide variety of models such as jet fan type, stand type, duct type, air conditioner type, and water sterilization type. All models use powerful UV-C lamps, and can quickly remove various viruses such as coronavirus (including mutants) influenza virus, food poisoning bacteria O-157, bacteria such as staphylococcus, and mold bacteria. Inactivates with. three types of lamp output, 60W, 120W, and 250W, which can be used in various situatio. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Z-CURE® Anti Aerosol infection Indoor Air Circulation type Sterilizer 4`46