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Marine Plastic Litter


Company Summary

Since its establishment in 1981, AJC has been promoting exports from the ASEAN Member States to Japan while revitalizing investment, tourism as well as people-to-people exchanges between the ASEAN Member States and Japan through seminars, workshops, capacity building programs, research and policy analysis, cross-cultural events, publication and information services, among others. AJC is also organizing three environment-related projects: (1) a year-round ASEAN-Japan Eco-school Project, which are online classes that aim to educate young students in ASEAN and Japan on the issue of marine plastic waste, (2) Train the Trainer, which will be an online course to educate and equip educators to teach the issues on marine plastic waste, and (3) Circular Economy, which convenes governments and the private sector to collaborate on design and innovation on circular economy projects in ASEAN and Japan. In addition, AJC conducts a series of webinars on FTA and RCEP impacts on various industries.