Japan Platform for Redesign: Sustainable Infrastructure (JPRSI)

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Company Summary

We have diverse business formats that are familiar to customers in their daily lives, including convenience stores, superstores, department stores, specialty stores, and financial services.
We have identified "The Seven & i Group's Seven Material Issues" in order to respond as a group to the expectations of our stakeholders and the demands of social.
By solving these issues through our core businesses, including stores and merchandises and services, we aim to achieve sustainable corporate growth and a sustainable society that is closely aligned with customers' lives.
Then, in the three priority initiatives and the Environmental Declaration "GREEN CHALLENGE 2050," the four themes "Reduction CO ₂ Emissions," "Plastic Measures," "Food Loss and Food Recycling Measures," and "Sustainable Procurement" set the targets and specific targets for 2030 and 2050.
The entire Group will make concerted efforts to reduce environmental impact in order to link an affluent global environment to future generations.

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"GREEN CHALLENGE 2050" : Let's change the future with our challenge