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Climate Change (Mitigation)

Solid Waste


Clean Energy

Company Summary

■Main business
1) Manufacturing and sales
Snow fences, wind fences, wave-overtopping prevention fences, sand fences, entry prevention fences, avalanche prevention fences, various protective fences, highly corrosion-resistant snow plates, flying sand prevention fences, gaze guidance marks using renewable energy, other road materials
2) Design survey
Design of various snow prevention and wind fences, design of snow prevention facilities, preliminary survey and examination of snowstorms, snowdrifts, and visibility obstacles, verification of effects through numerical simulations and wind tunnel experiments

■Development Projects
Environment and recycling business: Development of CLT snow fences using wood, development of repellents using wood tar from industrial waste
Existing structure regeneration business: Structural drawing system using 3D measuring machines

■Area of business
Japan, Nepal, Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, etc.