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Climate Change (Mitigation)

Company Summary

Since our establishment in 1950, we have taken pride in being a steam specialist company, concentrating on the manufacturing of steam control and measurement equipment. We have subsidiaries in 12 countries, and a network of over 100 distributors in more than 50 countries.

Our mission is to help our valued customers achieve continuous improvement of energy usage efficiency of steam-using equipment and the pursuit of environmental goals at customer plants. To that end, we develop and manufacture our own high-efficiency, trouble-free, long-life products that enable efficient use of steam.

Furthermore, we are also engaged in system consulting and engineering to diagnose and improve the production processes of our customers' facilities based on the steam engineering knowhow and technology we have developed since our founding.
We provide solutions to realize safety and reliability, productivity improvement, and energy conservation for plants.

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TLV - A Steam Specialist Company