Japan Platform for Redesign: Sustainable Infrastructure (JPRSI)

JPRSI Online Pavilion

Compatct Size Redox Flow Battery

【Prime Star】Concept Movie 2022

KNX switches for energy control 「JUNG」

BCP Measures for Everyday Use: Carrying Electricity / Compact Lithium-Ion Storage Battery  「HUG400A」

Self-supporting disaster prevention tower  「EPB」 Emergency Power Box using renewable energy

High-performance global LED lighting fixtures 「ALTO」

COVID‐19 Adopted by the U.S. White House, countermeasures against new coronavirus infection, 99% virus sterilization, UVC sterilization light

COVID‐19  Airborne infection control, no installation required, simple to place, UV sterilization device.

Large-capacity storage battery specialized for disaster prevention  「HUG1500」  Disaster Prevention Storage Battery NO.1