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Company Summary

Japan CCS Co., Ltd. (JCCS) was established in May 2008 by major companies with expertise in CCS including electric power, petroleum refining, oil development, and plant engineering, in response to the Japanese government’s policy to develop integrated CCS technology.
Key Business Objectives:
1. Comprehensive investigation and demonstration of CO2 capture, utilization, transportation and storage in Japan
2. Investigation of potential CO2 storage sites in Japan
3. Integration of opinions from private sector for early establishment of laws, regulations and technical standards for CCUS in Japan
4. Promotion of CCUS deployment in Japan
5. Cooperation for deployment of CCUS demonstration projects overseas
6. Collection of latest information on CCUS and exchange with overseas research organizations

Company Videos

~From Tomakomai to the World~Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project【2021 Version】