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Climate Change (Mitigation)

Climate Change (Adaptation)

Water Quality Improvement / Water Management Technology

Company Summary

We have started our business as a footwear manufacuturer in 1923 and contributed to our customers and society since then.

We could not control natural disasters such as earthquake or flooding. However, it is possible to create an environment which allows minimizing the damage with wisdom and ingenuity. Our activities do not remain only in Japan. We would like to send our messages and expand our activities to the world. Furthermore, we continue doing our utmost to leave the safe living environment as well as beautiful nature to the next generation.

Company Videos

NON-EVAPO SYSTEM in Takeo Province, Cambodia in 2022

NON-EVAPO SYSTEM in Takeo Province, Cambodia in 2023

NON-EVAPO SYSTEM in Kampomg Chhnang Province, Cambodia in 2023